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We offer a wide array of treatment programs to meet the individual needs of the patient from withdrawal management through recovery. 

We also provide medication-assisted treatment services for people struggling with opioid misuse.  The medications include methadone, Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Sublocade.  



The office of prevention engages, educates, and supports the youth, their families, and the communities to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol.



Intervention is the process that intervenes when a person is struggling with addiction Withdrawal Management (WM) can be the first part of the process. WM provides a place to safely detox from substances. 

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CTP provides treatment in several different ASAM levels of care to meet the needs of the patients we serve.

Outpatient treatment is often either the first step in the recovery process or the last step after completion of residential treatment. You gain a foundation of skills, support, and resources to help you flourish in your own recovery. CTP has regular and enhanced outpatient services for men, women, and adolescents. 

If other treatment modalities have been unsuccessful, residential treatment may be the next step to achieving sobriety. CTP offers residential treatment for both men and women who are suffering from addiction, dealing with co-occurring disorders, trying to regain custody of their children, involved in the criminal justice system, and women who are pregnant or post-partum.


The Strategic Individualized Remediation Treatment (STIRT) program is a continuum of care that starts with residential treatment. The program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to engage in treatment that focuses on substance and criminogenic needs. Patients are provided healthy coping skills that are beneficial to help them stay out of the criminal justice system and successfully transition back into their communities.
The STIRT program is currently 21 days (if negative of all substances) and is considered an intensive program with approximately 30-45 days of treatment condensed into 21 days. After residential, 49 weeks of aftercare follows.


CTP offers recovery services such as recovery residence, which provides a safe, stable place to live and peer support services to help provide individual support to people in process of recovery, while they reintegrate into the community and strive for stability. 

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