The administration at Crossroads’ Turning Points, Inc., requires the expertise of several key departments, directors and supervisors.

Leroy Lucero, President/CEO 719-544-3150
The chief executive officer provides over-all direction to the agency and oversees external responsibilities including federal earmarks, statewide legislation, local government issues and appropriations for the organization and for southern Colorado. The office also serves as a local, state and national advocate for intervention, prevention and treatment services.
Charles Davis, Executive Director 719-546-6667
The office of executive director manages and directs all day-to-day operations for Crossroads’ Turning Points, Inc.’s, administrative and clinical services, with support of the senior director of clinical services and the team of administrative, prevention and clinical directors.


l Karen Irick,
Executive Clinical Operations Director
719-544-3150 x106
l Shonda Hill,
Assistant Clinical Director
719-545-1181 x165
l Dianne Hayhurst-Vigil,
Agency SUD Director
719-404-1992 x108
l Bella Vigil,
Director of TC and Colorado Springs
719-545-1181 x195
l Amanda Gordon,
Director of Southern Region Services
719-846-4481 x123
l Chio Ramirez,
Assistant Director, San Luis Valley Services
719-589-5176 x125
l Kevin Hobbs,
Director of Information Technology (Pueblo)
719-546-6667 x115
l Vacant,
Director of Business (Pueblo)
719-546-6667 x104
l Sandra Duran,
Director of Human Resources (Pueblo)
719-546-6667 x107
l Cheryl Reid,
Director of Prevention Services (Pueblo)
l Brad Bertrand,
Director of Pueblo and Arkansas Valley Outpatient Services
719-546-6666 x122
l Karl Lujan,
Director of Co-Occurring Services
719-404-1992 x107
l Rob Archuleta,
Women’s Residential Unit and Female STIRRT Supervisor (Pueblo)
719-545-1181 x153
l Raynetta Burns,
Men’s Residential Unit and Male STIRRT Supervisor (Pueblo)
719-566-0234 x102
l Roberta Tafoya,
Pueblo Detox Supervisor
719-546-6666 x124
l Jessie Venegas,
STAR-TC Supervisor (Pueblo)
719-545-1181 x164
l Jennifer Myers,
Dispensing Nurse Supervisor (Pueblo)
719-546-6666 x136
l Michelle Charley,
Dispensing Nurse Supervisor (Alamosa)
719-589-5176 x108
l Chuck Purcell,
Maintenance Supervisor (Pueblo)
719-546-6666 x138
l David Yagel,
Kitchen Supervisor (Pueblo)
719-546-6666 x142
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