Intervention is critical in the treatment of individuals suffering from chemical dependency problems. If not identified and treated early, substance use disorder frequently results in serious family/relationship problems, health issues, unemployment, financial stress, and expensive interaction with the legal system. Early intervention is a valuable key in the recovery process and it brings hope to individuals and families in crisis.

These services are provided to intervene when a person is either intoxicated, or has established a pattern of intoxicated behaviors which put the person at risk. These services include individual and family counseling to determine the best solution to a prospective client’s detrimental behavior.

Emergency/Involuntary CommitmentsCrisis Intervention CenterCAR (Career Adjustment Required)  




Emergency/Involuntary CommitmentsThere is a legal process for getting help for loved ones.
For more information call CTP at: 546-6666 within Pueblo calling area.
Or 1-800-304-3758 outside the Pueblo calling area.

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Crisis Intervention CenterCrisis Intervention Services are offered in Alamosa, Pueblo, and Trinidad. The purpose of the Crisis Intervention Center is to assist individuals who are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. This program also assists individuals experiencing withdrawals from the use of such substances and allows them to detox in a safe and healthy environment.

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CAR (Career Adjustment Required)The Career Adjustment Required (CAR) Program is offered in Alamosa, Pueblo, and Trinidad. This program assists those individuals who are in need of intensive case management services in conjunction with substance use disorder treatment. The CAR Program is designed for individuals who have long treatment histories and require a great deal of time to regain everyday life skills to assist in maintaining long-term sobriety.

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