“Promoting Healthy Choices”

CTP, Inc. believes that primary prevention of social and behavioral problems is accomplished through the development and implementation of activities that aim at reducing the probability of disability or dysfunction through ongoing processes that provide opportunities for individuals, families, communities, and organizations to increase:

  1. knowledge or awareness of high risk behaviors and consequences,
  2. skills necessary to change those high risk behaviors, and
  3. accessibility of resources which assist people to effectively cope with typical life problems.
The Office of Prevention
School Based Prevention Programs
Parenting Classes
Community Partnerships
Pueblo Alliance for Healthy Teens (PAHT)/One Community Pueblo
Adolescent Programs

The Office of PreventionThe Office of Prevention works to enhance and promote healthy communities including school, family, individual, workplace, and agency settings. The Office of Prevention provides Southern Colorado communities access to culturally appropriate technical assistance, training, and information programming.The Office of Prevention provides assistance in various aspects of substance use disorder prevention technology including network, grant writing, program evaluation and design, policy formulation, community organization, and various organizational and program development topics.

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School Based Prevention ProgramsCTP recognizes that the schools’ social system is able to facilitate the reestablishment of a stable peer support system by placing students together in classroom settings. The Life Skills Training materials are presented in a classroom setting and the lessons are interactive with the instructor and other students.The schools conduct “Life Skills Training” throughout the school year. Students attend fifty-five minute sessions twice a weekly for at least one semester. Students receive substance use disorder prevention material, as well as activities for applying strategies at home and within the community.

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Parenting ClassesThe parenting aspect of the program is an integral part of family strengthening. The program strives to build stronger communities by empowering individuals and supporting families. This can occur through appropriate parenting as a prevention strategy is utilized to promote healthy families through positive parent-child interactions, communication, and discipline techniques.Partners in Parenting is a research based curriculum designed to provide parents enrolled in CTP inpatient programs with information to strengthen family relationships through positive parenting techniques. While the curriculum provides information in the healthy development of children, the curriculum also helps parents recognize the warning signs and factors contributing to high risk behaviors and negative peer pressure. The six lessons of the curriculum include:

  1. Personal Development - Self-Esteem
  2. Making a difference - Self-Esteem, Resiliency and Development Assets
  3. Communication
  4. Effective Discipline
  5. Problem solving and Decision Making
  6. Facts about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
  7. Peer pressure and accepting responsibility



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Community Partnerships

  • Local people can best solve local problems:
  1. A local advisory board identifies community needs.
  2. Local people are hired to fill vacant staff positions.
  • People support what they create:
  1. Local advisory board members develop strategic plans to address community concerns.
  2. A partnership plan was developed through the leadership of several agencies.
  3. Staff positions may be blended.
  4. Funding streams are blended.
  5. There is an agreement to eliminate “turf” issues.
  6. A partnership plan was developed through the leadership of several agencies.
  • In order for community-based partnerships to be successful, all facets of the community including law enforcement, community agencies, parents, concerned citizens, and local faith-based organizations must be involved and committed to working with each other to eliminate the abuse of alcohol and drugs by young people.

There is not one strategy or activity that will solve the alcohol and drug problems of our youth. Thus, everyone has to work together to develop a sound plan for addressing community problems.

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One CommUNITY Pueblo Coalition: The Pueblo Alliance for Healthy Teens (PAHT) merged with Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) efforts and evolved into the One CommUNITY Pueblo Coalition in May of 2013. The Pueblo coalition promotes positive choices and healthy alternatives to substance use and addresses other closely related issues including violence prevention, teen/unintended pregnancy, and mental health.The Coalition formed after a fatal car crash in July 2004, and has continued because of the community’s ongoing investment in promoting health and safety. The goal is to implement data driven decisions to make Pueblo an even better place to live.For more information:

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Adolescent ProgramsPueblo, Alamosa & Trinidad Adolescent Programs – a collaborative effort between CTP and local municipal courts to provide intervention and education services to adolescents involved with the legal system due to Alcohol and/or Drugs.

  • Phase I is for first time offenders and is offered one Friday a month for 3-5 hours of lecture, video, personal application, and experiential education, which is based on the research based Reconnecting Youth curriculum. Parents are required to be involved in a portion of this program.
  • Phase II is conducted over two Fridays, for ten hours, and parents are required to attend two hours of education and adults may also attend Community Parenting Classes. The two-day program focuses more extensively on the decision-making process, personal responsibility and self-control.

Family integration is of great importance when addressing substance use issues.

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