What to expect from treatment?

As a prospective client, you can expect our highly trained and professional staff to treat you with respect and dignity.  Your integrity and confidentiality will be maintained at all times, whether you were referred by another agency, or are a volunteer.

We strive to create a friendly atmosphere, where our clients have a say in their treatment goals.

We have created a system where we have minimal, if any, waiting lists, so you can get an appointment within two weeks of your initial call.

Your first appointment will usually take approximately two hours.  We complete a full assessment, utilizing any history you and/or your referral source provide.  At the end of your assessment, you will be advised as to which program(s) will best meet your needs, and you will set your personal treatment goals with your counselor.

Individual, group, and family sessions are offered to all of our clients as each of you are unique in your learning styles.

Your progress is assessed at each session you participate in, and a comprehensive discharge summary is generated by your counselor at the end of your treatment program.

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