Crossroads' Contacts

Our Management Team

Crossroad’s Turning Points, Inc. continues to impact trends in interventions and treatment as an independent organization offering high quality, unique and specialized services.  CTP has been preparing for this new era of health care for some time and has never been so well-structured from a management perspective. 


It has taken many years to develop this management team, members whom are specialists in their fields, highly educated and possess the expertise to provide oversight and insight to the CEO/President.  CTP operates using a Team Management Concept whereby extensive time is devoted to focusing on data, outcomes and issues that are considered when making recommendations that impact staff, clients and the community.

Meet the Board

CTP’s Board of Directors embrace the value of accountability and corporate social responsibility.  The Board guides the mission and direction of the organization, balances the expectations of the persons served and other stakeholders.  Members ensure financial solvency and manage risk while cultivating ongoing performance improvement and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.  The Board engages in an annual review of all policies and is committed to the development and maintenance of an infrastructure that provides for the health and safety of staff and clients.

Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Davis (1991)

Chief Clinical Officer

Karen Irick (2016)

Assistant Chief Clinical Officer

Dianne Hayhurst-Vigil (1996)

Chief Innovation Officer

Rob Archuleta (2006)

Corporate Counsel

Shawn Yoxey (2019)

For Contact information please contact Crossroads Turning Points at 1-800-304-3758